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Dine to Donate FAQ

Do we have to present the physical flyer?

We highly recommend the physical flyer is handed in once payment is made on the check. This ensures that everything is accounted for properly, however, if your group mentions the event we will count that sale towards the total for the event.

Can we do multiple Bellini’s Counter locations / multiple nights?

We have tried this in the past and in our experience, fundraiser supporters tend to go to one location on one specific night. Therefore, we shy away from them as it does take money and time to bring in the proper support staff for each event. We like these events to be beneficial to both parties. Events like this will be approved by management on a case by case basis.

Can we set up a table for promotional/sales purposes (or a raffle, or put up signs, etc) in/around the restaurant?

Please speak with our management team regarding your ideas for promotion and we will approve or deny on a case by case basis.

Why the Contact Person?

The RSVP is to assist us with staffing properly for your event. If there are 30 people coming to support your event, we may not add on extra staff... however, if 80 supporters are coming to your event, we would certainly add on extra staff to ensure that all guests of the Counter receive excellent service.

Can I change the flyer?

Bellini’s Counter flyers have been designed to have a clear call to action and reflect our brand so for that reason, we ask that the flyers are not modified.

What's the best way to promote?

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors! This is our best suggestion.

Can I hand out flyers in or around the restaurant?

Sorry, our policies do not allow this to ensure all guests of the restaurant have a pleasant experience. Failure to comply may result in the event being voided.

What's included in the total?

All food and beverages are included - only tax & gratuity are not - in the total sales for anyone that hands in your flyer on the designated evening.

How long before I know my date is approved / I receive the paperwork?

Due to the volume of fundraiser requests, please allow 7 business days for us to process your request. If you have not heard back within 14 days, feel free to follow up with us.